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hey guys whats up? So far everybody has given me great help on my questions. this time it's about apple works.
I'm a frequent script writer and make my own storyboards in microsoft word at school. To do this you need to make tables, but when i finally went into works today to see if this would work, whenever my table comes to the bottom of the page it doesn't continue on. Do i just have to page break and insert another table (in MS word it would just keep creating new ones as you went along etc...) I'm wondering because I do a lot of writing and script formatting is important. If anybody does this also and could give me some times or another works/word lke application I could use for mac that is better than what comes built in would be greatly appreciated.

thank you for your time!
Jan 8, 2004
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get office for mac.
its even better then windows analogue.


Open office is basically Office, only free, and buggy, and not quite as good looking.


The current OpenOffice version available for mac is old (1.0.3 I think) and the port is still in beta testing. It is mainly targeted for Unix savvy people who like to experiment with it. GUI integration with aqua isn't as good as it could be (runs under X11). Unfortunately the project doesn't seem to be advancing at all (or is advancing very slowly).

I'm using version 1.1.0 on my Linux desktop and I'm very pleased with it. It looks better than 1.0 series. Most bugs have been ironed out and start up time has been reduced to tolerable level. It's sad that OS X port is so badly lagging behind Linux and Windows versions.

There are projects for porting popular Linux/Unix GUI libraries (GTK+ and QT) to run directly under OS X's graphics engine. That would allow easy porting of KOffice office suite and other Linux apps to mac.

I'd still assume we won't see a free production quality office for mac until year '05 or '06.

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