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Question on Xpostfacto, OS X and OS 9



I recently was able to install and run OS X on a G3 Wallstreet with the help of the Xpostfacto program/utility. It worked great and OS X is running smoothly on this 'unsupported' machine.

My question comes from my first restart last night. When restarting OS 9 is launched. I then can run Xpostfacto and restart to OS X, but I would rather just have OS X running and always boot that OS.

Is there a way to basically wipe out OS 9 all together, or is this something we live with when running OS X after installing with Xpostfacto? Also, I have OS X squeezed on to a 4G hd and would like to potentially free up the space OS 9 is using.


You should be able to select OS X as the boot system from the OS X Start Up Disk preference panel. You can delete OS 9 if you have no reason to use it, but it is not recommended. If you have a problem with X/XPF you'll won't be able to switch into 9 to try to recover/repair the system. (I've only worked with XPF on an old 6400 so you may want to check the XPF faqs or forum for more specific info.)