Question about router and virus/trojan/malware

Jan 13, 2010
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I no longer use my windows computer on the internet, but when I did I had a 2wire router hooked up to it. The windows computer had a virus or trojan or piece of malware on it. Would the virus/trojan/malware have been able to place itself on the router? Would the virus/trojan/malware have been able to change the router settings without having the 2wire password? Would this have been able to effect my Mac after hooking up the 2wire to my Macbook?

I don't know if this matters but before using my 2wire with my Macbook I unplugged all cables hooked up to the 2wire. It had no power flowing to it, no internet connection, after unhooking it from my windows computer until I hooked it up to my Macbook.

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