question about giving an ipod touch as a gift

Feb 7, 2010
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hi guys/girls. I bought an ipodtouch to give it to some one in valentine's day. The thing is that person is in another country. i bought the ipod in the USA because it is cheaper. Here is the other thing the ipod is still brand new, when you buy it and turn it on it has the icons to connect to itunes but i want it to connect it to my computer and put some stuff in there for her to see, but i dont know if then she will be able to connect it to her pc and sync all her music and pics and stuff.
the questios is this:
If i open the ipod just to put a few things in there will she be able to connect the ipod on her PC and erase that stuff and sync in what she wants?
I dont know if im clear enough.
Thanks for the help guys/girls!


It would probably be best if you leave the iPod Touch alone and let her connect it to her machine. You can send a disk or thumb drive along with the content you'd like her to put on it.

But yes, to answer your question, yes she would connect it to her PC and it would erase everything and sync in her stuff.

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