Question about 5 year old iMac

Oct 7, 2014
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Hi all I`m about to collect a secondhand iMac 24inch aparently it has OS X Mavericks already instaled on it but I suspect there will not be an operating system disc to restore, am I correct in thinking I must register this mashine in my name if so can this be done by me simply downloading the latest OS X Mavericks from the internet then I asume when I go to instal it will prompt me its already instaled if I then ignor this and go for the instalation it will then promp me at some point to register my name or is there more to it than that.:D
Nov 28, 2007
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Blue Mountains NSW Australia
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Silver M1 iMac 512/16/8/8 macOS 11.6
G'day and welcome to the forums.

No operating discs since Snow Leopard OS X.6, now five or six years old. Some earlier iMacs may not run Mavericks, however if it does you will need to create an Apple ID, and then download your own version of Mavericks.

If you wait a week or so Yosemite OS X.10 will be released. The 'newsest' 24" iMac is now nerly six years old as they came out January 2009. It can have up to 8GB of memory so use that much for Mavericks and/or Yosemite. This would require 2 x 4GB modules of PC3-8500 1066MHz memory from OWC or Crucial, both Mac specialists.

Also be aware it will not be the fastest machine about so don't get expectations too high.


If you're going to run Mavericks or Yosemite on this machine, I would STRONGLY suggest either a RAM upgrade or a disk upgrade to SSD, or both. It's the only way to keep this machine competently functional for another year or three.

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