Quest DSL installed, wireless printers wont work, one disappeared

Oct 25, 2009
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I had cable for internet and am trying to change to Quest (much cheaper). Things worked fine with my cable set up, I have 2 wireless printers, a Brother laser and an HP inkjet printer/scanner. When I got my Mac (convert from Windows) I turned it on and they both just installed automatically, I did was great. I did a happy dance because I was never able to get the HP to work with my old Windows machine (Big surprise).

So now I installed a Quest modem and set up a new network. With that network the HP printer disappeared and the Brother will not printer. The document sits in the q. When I go back to the cable network which I still have, the Brother will print fine but the HP is still missing. I tried to reinstall it with the manufactures instructions with no luck. I also have the Time Machine set up and tried to go back in time with the System Preferences. That didn't work.

I would like to know
1. How to get the HP printer back.
2. What you know about Quest, are there a lot of problems? I have 30 days to send it back. The tech was no help with this. If it is an ok way to go, how do I get the printers to work with this.

Denise, a happy new Mac user

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