quad vs dual macbook pro choise

Feb 14, 2015
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Hello my friends,
In a few months I ll graduate as a master computer engineer. I already have a macbook (late 2008) which did his work really good in those years studying.
I am thinking about buying a new computer which I would like to use both for my personal life and my working life. (bring your own device looks like very popular)
I love macbooks.. and I love OS X, especially because is unix based. I would never do any development (which is not FOR windows) on windows.
Here is my question:
For developing software, which might be data analysis with R and some SQL or MVC based app using Spring for java or other IT related jobs do you think the 2.8Ghz i5 on the 2014 macbook pro 13" is enough?
I really want to buy a laptop that will serve me well for at least 5 years, so budget is not really the main problem.
The 13" version will be upgraded with 2.8Ghz i5 dual core and 16gb of ram while the entry version of the 15" macbook will already be 16gb of ram and 4 core at 2.2 ghz.
Price would be, including my university discount 1.4k Euros for MBP13 vs 1.7k Euros MBP15.
I dont care about graphics and video editing and stuff like that.
Software running would be all related to software development.

Thank you very much
Please argument your answers ;)
Nov 9, 2011
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Your Mac's Specs
15" rMBP Mid-2014 ~ iPad 4 16GB ~ iPhone 6 Plus 16GB
Quad-core without a doubt.

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