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I apologise profusely if this has been talked about before, and if it has then please redirect me to the post and I can come back if it didn't suit my purpose.

My work has Broadband internet access, but unfortunately my Mac - which is connected to the internet via a PC server isn't able to connect to .Mac. It has been told to me that this is a known problem, after finding out that every single PC in the company can connect to .Mac except the only Macintosh in the company who needs it. I'm still able to view the other hard drives on the PC network.

My query is, does anyone know of a workaround or a path through or is it a case of serious Server infiltrating? I'm incapable of doing anything server related, but the boss we have is well up on things if he was told what to do.

I've tried other forums without success, and the external IT support we have doesn't have a clue. Am I exiled from .Mac from work now? I cannot even do a Software Update and Assign purchased iTunes songs to my work computer because it's incapable of accessing the .Mac server from our own 'server'.

Hey, any words on this matter is appreciated, even if it's a discussion.

Dec 29, 2003
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G5 Dual 2Ghz, 1.5Gb Ram
Sounds to me more like a Proxy problem or your firewall is blocking you. I cannot access .Mac from work because our PC server isn't webdav compatible but I can still use iSync, Software Update & buy songs from iTunes. Have a look on the Apple support pages where they will tell you which firewall ports you need to have open.

Hope this helps.

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