Problems with upgrading Windows RC to 7

Mar 8, 2010
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Hey Guys,

I bought my Macbook pro(15",2.66 GHz, 4GB RAM) last year when the new models came out. Since I did not have a Windows XP or Vista Install Disc with me, I decided to download the Windows 7 RC (Beta) and install it on bootcamp since it was free.

Now as you may know, Windows 7 RC shuts down every 2 hours starting March 1st and will ultimately expire on June 1st.

So a few days back I bought the Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade for $120. I asked the salesman at the store and he said I can upgrade RC to Home Premium. Now I insert the disc (64 bit version) while on the Bootcamp partition and...surprise! does not read the disc and my computer freezes. I even tried with the 32 bit disc but to no avail.

I found out that the Windows 7 disc doesn't run in certain machines. I also found out that I need to have a valid copy of Vista/XP (not just the RC/beta version) to upgrade my bootcamp to Windows 7.

So do I really need to buy an XP or a Vista version before I can upgrade to Windows 7? Is there a workaround to this problem?


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Dec 22, 2006
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Texas, where else?
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Yes, you will need XP or Vista to use the upgrade version of Win 7.

The workaround would be to take it back to the salesman that doesn't have a clue what they're talking about and get a full version of Win 7.

You will not be able to upgrade your existing install of Win 7 beta to the full release. MS has said all along that it will require a clean install. (As far as I know it does, unless someone has come out with a work around I haven't seen. Haven't looked for one though either.)

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