Problems with the cd-rom drive.



As of a week ago, my PB's cd-rom is acting all funky. It takes such a long time to read cd's and sometimes I have to eject and re-insert the cd to make it work. The next moment it might be fine.

These are, at least to me, clear signs that my drive is getting a little loose around the edges, but I don't have the time to send my mac in for service, since this is my work computer and I use it day and night.

What's a guy to do? Are there any ways to clean the drive and hopefully see improvements or am I doomed?

Thanks :)


I know this may not be of much help but on my old PC I replaced the drive 3 times and each time on the new drive I tried running the same software and that software CD cause my drive to have the same symptoms your speaking of. Eventually it just quit on me... luckly it was a desktop so all I needed to do was replace the drive... unfortuanatly apples notebooks don't have swappable drives. Sorry that my news is so murky :( .

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