Problems with PowerBook G4 Quicksilver

Mar 31, 2007
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Good day (night) all.

I write today in regards to a very troublesome Quicksilver we've had at home, which today is proving impossible to start. The troubles came with her, originally it was bought as a non-starting quicksilver, in the original setup when the power button was pressed, the external power led would flash only while it was being pushed (wouldn't keep on) And the logic board's led would flash once, and keep off.

We accidentally fried that mac's power source, so a new one was bought. And deciding it was not likely to be the CPU, a new motherboard was bought in ebay. When the new motherboard came, the machine wouldn't turn on either, but slightly differently, even when the external power led still flashed only as long as it was held, the logic board's led DID turn on and remain powered. The cooling fan for the case kept turned on as well.

After reading some forums and tests, we tested the LoBo's pram battery, and it proven dead. After changing the battery the machine did turn on, and it worked well (it has an apple 800Mhz G4 cpu.).

The problem is, because of the movement of a few other machines on the house, we didn't have the CPU screws, it was held in place by only one remote screw, so simple movement could cause the machine to turn off (we were carefull not to move it.).

Today I installed a set of custom screws, changed from other machines and moved around. The bases are the right length, so they should work.... the trouble is, the machine is back to it's second failure type. That is, external power led turns on only while depressed, even when the LoBo's led did keep on. the machine will not spin up the HDDs and did not produce video or finish the boot process........

I would be glad for any tips and hints, or for any questions you have on the machine.

Thanks, Lars.

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