Problems with NFS Client on Panther



Hi all,

I have an ongoing problem with my NFS client on Panther. When I mount shares from my FreeBSD box through Finder, the NFS client does not want to honor write privileges. When I mount the share via "mount_nfs" from Terminal, everything works fine.

Here is the more info about the problem:

1. My NFS server runs FreeBSD and it mounts everything as user "www" group "www."

2. If I use "mount_nfs server:directory" everything works fine. I can read/write w/o any problems.

3. If I use Finder to mount the share by doing "Go->Connect to Server," I can write only if my directories have mode 775 as opposed to 755, which should be enough since it must honor both group and user credentials.

Does anybody have any ideas? Thank you in advance.

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