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Problems with imovie, wont save



So i just got my nice long project done in imovie that took me a lot of time to do. I went to save it and 8 hours later the thingy was still spinning, so i force quit it and a partial file was saved. It looked like ph.mov~ . Im using imovie 3.0.0 on a g4 800mghz emac with 512 ram. Ive never had this problem before. Does anyone know a fix for it? I dont want to have to start over.


Ok, now anytime i try to do anything in imovie it takes forever. It has never ran this slow.


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I am just guessing her, but it sound like something is corrupted. You can try removing the com.apple.iMovie3.plist file.

Which is located in the:

Mac OS X -> Users -> user_name -> Library -> Preferences