Problems with embedded .WMV files

Feb 17, 2010
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Firefox had me update the flash, flip4mac, shockwave and silverlight plugins. Since then, I cannot play an embedded windows media file.

I am running Leopard and Firefox 3.6. I have reinstalled the above mentioned plugins several times. Well, I installed them again several times. I could not figure out how to remove the plugins and install again cleanly. I even reinstalled Firefox. When the page in question loads, the place where the video image should be is just a white box, no controls, no nothing.

I went to the LIBRARY/INTERNET PLUGINS folder and it appeared empty (hidden files?? how do you display??)

Finally, I tried Safari and it would not play the embedded video files either. I am totally lost here.


PS I even went to an AT&T test page I found and it played a WMV file, but not an embedded one.

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