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Problems using Yahoo Messenger



My wife works from home and we both have Yahoo Instant Messenger on our pooters. When she is logged on and the Airport card signal strength drops below 2 bars it logs her off Yahoo and she has to re-connect. It's very annoying.

I haven't found anything that can help by searching Yahoo so I turn to my apple community. Anyone else experience this? Is there anyway to fix it? It stinks cause while I get full strength almost anywhere in the house with my clamshell she just barley get a signal due to her Ti casing.

Please help.

Sep 5, 2003
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Your Mac's Specs
1.8GHz G5 512mb Ram
I have no clue about the Airport situation but just posted to comment on your avatar, very nice work.


i knew i saw this avatar somewere and i decided to make my own. now i know where i saw it. nice work.
ps. my name is jack

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