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Hi there guys,
Im running windows xp SP3 via bootcamp on the new macbook with 4gb of ram.
Everything was going smoothly to begin with really. Ive been playing games like DMC4 COD4 , prototype and this that and the other via it. But recently during gameplay (within the first minute or so) the video starts to lag until it is unplayable. Sometimes after restarting the game or going into task manager and just clicking different tabs, ill go back into it and it will go back to normal, sometimes for the rest of gaming or otherwise just for a minute or two.

Any ideas on the reasons behind this? And any way of fixing it? I though perhaps wiping the partition and starting again if they may help. Also if anyone has a guide to optimizing the graphics settings in a way that works well for gaming via bootcamp. And would Vista vs Xp make any difference?

Also under the computer properties for the windows partition it states that I only seem to have 2.27 Gb of Ram instead of my 4gb that i actually have, is this just a misprint or have i mucked up settings somewhere?

Any help on any of these issues would be awesome thanks guys =D !!


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Try updating the Windows video driver to the latest from the chipset maker's web site. For example: If your MacBook uses a nVidia graphics chipset, go to the nVidia site and download\install the latest Windows XP driver that they have available.

Reinstalling is not going to resolve the issue and may actually cause you more problems. Also, an upgrade to Vista might result in other difficulties besides using more resources.

As far as having only 2.27 Gb of 4 Gb available in Windows XP, that's normal. Since it's a 32 bit OS, it can only address around 3 Gb. You would have to upgrade to Vista 64 bit or Windows 7 64 bit to address the 4 Gb.



Did that still doesnt completely fix the prob. I think it may be because it is using a whole lot of cpu memory space, when i go into task manager and look at the cpu usuage tab, it is normally pretty much full. Can i fix that ?

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