Problem with Smart Playlists

Apr 5, 2010
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I Googled Smart Playlists and I understand how they work, at least I should understand them. But I cannot get them to do what I'm trying, here's what I'm after, and what I've done so far.

I want to have 4 different workout playlists, each with more intense songs than the previous. Here's what I did. I created 5 smart playlists and 4 regular ones. The regular ones have my songs. the smart ones look like this

the main smart one points to each of the other 4 smart ones with match checked and any selected for the following rules. Then each + is set to playlist - is - [regular playlist] with 1 entry like this for each of the 4 smart playlists. Live updating is selected on all smart lists.

the workout 1 smart list points to the regular workout 1 playlist and is set to select 1 song randomly from the list. Match the following and all is selected.

the workout 2 smart list points to the workout 2 playlist and is set the same as the previous smart list.

3 is set up to pull only 20 minutes work of music and 4 is the same as 1-2. Here's the problem I'm having, it's not putting them in order when I sync, I tried creating the main smart list with the 1-4 playlists in order, then tried backwards. It's not putting a song from the first playlist first, 2nd 2nd, etc. What I get on my iPod (Nano 5g or Touch) is basically songs from the 4 smart lists all jumbled together. What I basically want is this

picks 1 song from my first list to start out, then moves to list 2, then 3, and ends with a single song from 4. Random is very useful because 1 2 & 4 have a lot of songs on them, but I want something different every time I sync. Also I know "live update" only changes the playlist when I add or remove a song to one of the playlists. But, is there a way to make it update every time I sync?

What am I not doing right here? Or am I just expecting too much from Smart Playlists? I'm not 100% sure this is even capible, I would assume it should be, but if it is I'm obviously not doing something right.

Sorry this is so long, I'm just wore out trying to figure this out. THANKS to anyone who helps me - if anyone does lol. Oh, if it matters I'm running the latest iTunes on Snow Leopard

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