Problem with RSS file generated by iWeb - contains 5 files, should contain dozens

Mar 25, 2008
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i use imovieHD / iWeb to create a video podcast. everything was fine for a while, but now, if one clicks on the Subscribe link on teh podcast webpage, only the first 5 podcasts get downloaded to itunes. i think this is because the RSS.xml document that is auto-gerenated by iweb contains only those 5 files. however, there are dozens of pages in my web, and if I click on the archive link, i see all the correct pages/podcasts listed.

So, why is the RSS.XML containing only 5 files? How do I fix / regenerated it?

Note: I think teh problem may have occurred when I uploaded some podcasts out of date order. That is, I uploaded a podcast recently that was dates for the end of last year.

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