Problem with my hard drive



I have an iMac running 9.2.2 which recently crashed. When I tried restarting from the OS disk the computer wasn't seeing the hard drive. A friend suggested I try Norton Utilities, but it can't seem to find it either. What am I missing? My school system supposedly has a tech person to come out and fix these things, but after waiting four months, I'm beginning to realize I gotta do it myself - unfortunately, I'm stuck and my kids are suffering for it...Thanks a million.


Hi Irene.

If you've booted with both an OS disk and Norton and cannot see the hard drive, it is possible you had a hardware failure. You're probably going to need the tech to fix it.

If you're having problems getting the tech out, I suggest making yourself the biggest pain in the keister you can for the school system. Call the principal, then the superintendent, then the mayor if you have to. 4 months is rediculous to have to wait to have something repaired!

Good luck!


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