problem with emacs in terminal

Feb 2, 2010
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Hi all,
I am a recent mac user and an even more recent emacs user. I have been using the default emacs with OSX 10.5.8 within the terminal to type up LaTeX and python scripts. However, I have been facing a rather odd problem. I can't isolate exactly why it has cropped up but emacs now really chews up the formatting. First, it was screwing up the line formatting (Pictures 1 and 2 for python script and Picture 3 for LaTeX). The first letter of the line was often placed at the end of the previous line. This happened to scripts I was writing in emacs and ones I had written within emacs on Ubuntu 9.10. This odd behaviour has now morphed into the one seen in emacs_problem_1.png. The opening screen of emacs is meshed in with the file contents.

If anyone has any ideas for fixing this or suggestions of the underlying problem, please do let me know.

Thanks in advance..

Picture 1.png

Picture 2.png

Picture 3.png


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