Problem opening docs in Word 2008 (from Windows server)

Nov 10, 2011
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I'm having a problem opening files shared from a Windows server (SBS 2011), connected by SMB from a Mac (OSX 10.6). I'm not sure whether the solution lies on the Windows side or the Mac side.

When attempting to open a Word document (docx format) in Word 2008, the following error comes up:


The file is locked for editing.

Locked by: another user
Filename: whatever.docx
You can open this file as read-only.

[Cancel] [Read-Only]


Clicking Cancel closes the document. Clicking Read-Only opens the document opens in read-only mode. However, some period of time later, another message comes up:


The file sharename:subfolder:subfolder:whatever.docx is available. Do you want to edit it now?

[Cancel] [Read-Only]


Relevant information:

* No one else has these files open.
* It occurs with all Word documents shared from the server.
* It does not occur with Word documents copied to the Mac and opened locally.
* It does not occur with any other file type, including Excel files. All files other than Word documents open fine from the beginning.
* Word files open fine on a PC.
* The time between file open and availability varies from 4 minutes to around 10 minutes.
* On the initial error message, where I wrote "another user", that is not a placeholder for a user name. It actually just says "another user".
* I have looked into the possibility that there are left over hidden temp files related to these documents, but that is not the case.

If anyone has any ideas, I would appreciate it.


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