Problem After Restoring with time machine

Oct 3, 2009
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So my iMac was stuck on a spinning gear at startup so I looked into it and restored my mac to my time machine backup. Now everything is ok and smooth except most apple made applications just say; ----
quit unexpectedly. This happens with applications such as iTunes, safari (I use google chrome) photo booth, mail, and so forth. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Quicktime works. The only program I really need is iTunes as I have an iPod and I'm in to more high end editing and I can find another mail client if needed. Also Logic Express works. Software Update doesn't work.
My system:
iMac Intel Core 2 duo 2.4ghz ( I think its 2007) 4GB ram. Running 10.6.2. It's the 24 inch version. I have boot camp. 320 GB internal hard drive. 750GB external WD Hard drive.

I've tried: Restarting. Repairing Disk permissions. Opening Apps from Application folder (not from the alias in the dock)

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