Privileges Users Folder AD/OD

Oct 6, 2011
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This is my first post at I merge into the world or Macs :)
I work in education which means we have to be very aware of what Staff and Students can access.

We have the IT team that know the local administrator username/password and then some technical staff that are NOT a member of the IT team that need to access the documents that students save to their Users folder on the local hard drive of the Mac. Is there a way to do this and avoid letting the Non-IT staff login as an administrator?

I want to ideally have an Active Directory group that can login and have permissions to the Users folder but I cant see any way way of doing this without damaging the permissions that are already there.

PS, we are looking at around 2000 users and only 50 macs at the moment as we are mainly a Windows campus, staff and students are logging in using their Active Directory credentials and they are controlled using a Mac Server.

Any help appreciated.

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