printing individual spreads in mac CS5

Dec 12, 2011
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Hello! I have set up my InDesign (creative Suite 5) a 12 page document with 2 up saddle stitch printing. So I am getting the preview visual for six separate spreads, all in correct order, for making a booklet... so far so good.

Here is the issue... I print on a printer where I need to print the first spread (pages 1 & 12) and then turn the page over and print (with the REVERSE order setting marked) the second spread (page 2 & page 11). And this works fine in CS 1- CS3. Now I have CS5, and when I use the PRINT BOOKLET option, there seems to be no option to print individual spreads... only printing the six spreads all at once.

Can someone help? THANKS!

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