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I have a dlink wireless router with a Duron 850MHz connected by wire to it and a HP Photosmart P1000 connected via USB to that computer. I have an iBook connected wirelessly and I would like to print from it.

I've tried going to the printers and adding a windows printer I find the printer and add it and select "HP PhotoSmart P1000, Foomatic + hpijs (recommended)" as my model from the list (when i had a fresh install of the OS i didn't have this but I downloaded the gimp drivers and I think thats where I got it form. After adding this I try to print with no success. I can print from other windows machines on the network but not from the mac. :( I also tried HP's site but there drivers are only for if it is connected directly.

Can you give me any other suggestions?? Or does anyone else have a PhotoSmart printer that they have used???

when I print the printer shows up on the dock and then goes away soon after like it would normally and no errors come up. The mac thinks everything printed fine but nothing ever comes out of the printer. :(
Dec 28, 2003
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Long Island, NY
Your Mac's Specs
15" MacBook Pro & 23" ACD


ApplejustWorks said:
I have the same printer, and I am purchasing a PB with the shown specs. I believe the solution to this problem is found on the following site, but it is only for when you are trying to connect the mac with a Pc running Xp..

If that is your problem see the following link:

Glad I searched before I posted. This is some good info. I just hope it'll work with Win2K and a new iMac (Panther)

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