printer sharing



I have a 15" pb running panther and a 400 mhz slot loading imac dvse.
I want to share a printer between the two computers

-I have both computers on a airport network
-Appletalk is active
-the imac is running 10.1.5 and the pb is running panther
-the printer is a USB HP deskjet 952c

ok, so is there any way to do this other than upgrading the imac to panther? rendezvous printers dont work in 10.1...

im trying to decide which would be cheaper if i cant share the printer without upgrading -
1) either getting another printer
2)upgrading the imac
3)getting a new imac so i dont have to upgrade

well..the third option is out..

so what can i do to make this work?


im not to sure about mac to mac...hp never made a network driver for that printer..what you can do try to use a deskjet 550c its a generic driver for 99% of all hp printers including that one.
if that doesnt get a new printer...a really awesome one to get would be a deskjet 6127 its a full network printer and probably the best printer hp has on its line as far as quality and durability, plus its 100% networkable with a built in printer server...all you do is plug it directly into your ethernet port on the airport and its got its own assign'd ip :)


thanks, ill look into that driver...
i dont really want to go out and buy a whole new printer, and if i did it would just be a $99 one because on one of the macs all that gets printed is black and white text

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