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Jan 20, 2012
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North Carolina
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Air M2 (2022) OS 14.1.1; iMac (2019) OS 12.3.1; iPad Pro; iPhone 14
Unable to share printer with MacBook Air...does not recognize printer.

Welcome to the forum, but your first post and no information offered to help us - sorry - :(

First, some details about your computer setup and network: 1) Computer(s) - brand/models/years; 2) Brand/model of the printer; 3) How is the printer communicating (e.g. is it wired via USB into another computer or setup wirelessly); 4) Details of your network (e.g. ISP, modem, router brand/model); and 5) What have you done to correct the situation?

Just one postulation - if you are trying to print 'wirelessly' from your MacBook Air and your printer is not AirPrint compatible, then that is the likely explanation - let me stop there so you can provide the details needed for us to help - Dave :)

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