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Sep 5, 2009
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So...I followed all the standard procedures for networking a printer through XP. In fact, the Macbook seems to be sending *something* through, but I still can't get this HP Deskjet D1520 to print.

I have the HP software and drivers installed on both computers, and the printer works fine for both computers when plugged in directly via USB.

Ok, so the printer is plugged into my XP machine, with sharing on. When I add a new printer to the Mac printers list, I have found two things that kind of work:

1) I set the Mac printer driver to "Generic." When I do this, the to-be-printed object is sent through the network to my XP where it registers in the print queue as "Error - Printing," and thus fails to print.

2) I set the Mac printer driver to the HP D1500 series. The Mac says that there is some problem with the printer (too lazy to find and type in the entire error message). On XP, the print queue receives an object that just says "Spooling" and also never prints.

Is there any other way to do this to make it work? Thanks for any help...

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