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qc dsm tsi

hey guys got another question for you...

I just got a Linksys wireless G printserver and having some problems setting it up.

What i have is a epson r300 and what to use the appletalk ( I think this is what i need to use to set up wirless printserver)

Well i have the router and printserver all set up, it works, i tested it with my pc.

Has anyone had any experience with this kind of setup.

When i try to set up the printer, i got to system prefereces, then add a printer, then apple talk. My printer is not in the pull down tab in the printer model section. I downloaded and istalled the printer software off of the epson website, it is in there. When i go to select other printer in the pull down menu, this is where i run into problems. Im not sure were the drivers get installed, or even the file name, or extension for this (im new at this, a week and counting!!!)

sorry for this being so long, i figured if i spelled it out as much as i could it would help you to understand.

Any help or direction would be much apprieciated.

qc dsm tsi

just kind of a update, I was able to select the Epson Printer the 960 from the list, and it printed. So i guess my question is mainly how do you install a printer into the drop down menu, so i can select it

I know someone has run into something like this.



Can't help you with your network problem though I will be trying to get a shared printer running in the next few weeks. I have a mixed bag or 2 Mac's (iMac + iBook) / 4 PC's through a router and hub. I have a Epson c80 printer hooked up direct to the iMac and it works without problems, no drivers required under OSX 10.2.8. I have two other printers that I would like to share a hp 1120c wide carriage and a hp g85 officejet (all in one with fax etc) so will let you know how I fair with it.

Their are several other iBook forums that see more or less traffic than this one. Mac Addict has a pretty good one and see a lot of posts. has one also.


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