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Well, I've been researching various Mac hardware, and I came across the PowerMac G4 Cube. Now, I know it's a few years old and only 450 Mhz, and I'm not really interested in buying one, but I just want to know more about it. Does anyone own one? What are your experiences with it? I heard rumors that when Apple discontinued the Cube, they did it indefinitely, saying that they might release an update. Is there anything new on this? Any good sites with reviews of the Cube, or any other Apple products(specifically PowerMacs and iBook G4(1 Ghz))?

Also, I found that at MacWorld 2000 NY, the Cube was reviewed and discussed in the Keynote. I know that Apple has Quicktimes of past MacWorlds, but 2000 is no longer up. Does anyone know where I can find a download of the Keynote, as I'd really like to see it. Are there any other sites that have past Keynotes besides Apple, especially ones that are no longer on the site? Thanks

Btw, I'm looking into buying an iBook G4 1 Ghz and/or iMac G4 17inch.


Can't help w/ the keynote, but I'm a Cube owner, and I'm very happy w/ my machine. They came with:
  • 450 o 500 mHz G4's
  • 20 or 30 GB HD's
  • ATi Rage 128 (16MB VRAM), ATi Radeon (32MB) or nVidia GeForce 2MX (32MB) video cards
  • DVD-ROM or CD/RW optical drive
  • 64MB RAM, max 1.5GB
  • The coolest design ever!

Here is the Apple press release

The model was discontinued b/c Apple basically charged too much for them new; they were too close price-wise to the G4 towers of the time, which had much easier expansion capabilities.

There are lots of rumors and speculation about a "G5 Cube" at various sites, but it seems very unlikely, as Apple seems to think that consumer models need to come w/ monitors attached.

I can't find sites to Cube reviews, but I could post a site for active Cube owners, if interested.


thanks, is the site Cube Forever?
Do you know any sites or magazines that sell the Cube? Also, what about upgrading the Cube? are you familiar with PowerLogix? They sell an upgrade to 1 Ghz, which seems great.

Anyone else?

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