PPC G4 iMac: Flash Player 9, Logitech

Jul 30, 2008
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I'm currently using a PowerPC G4 iMac (PowerMac6,1 at 1.25 GHz) as my main desktop computer; I'm using OS 10.4.11. Recently I've had issues with online applications that require Flash Player 9. I've also had issues with some applications not being able to recognize my Logitech USB and desktop mics and my Logitech webcam. I now have Flash Player 10 (beta) installed and it takes care of some of the issues but not all of them.

I remember reading somewhere the problem is that the Logitech firmware has code which causes security problems. I also read that the problem is caused by a bug in Flash Player 9. I can't relocate the article about Logitech firmware and everything I read says that Flash Player 9 should work for me, but it doesn't.

Who can explain in a simple, not-too-technical way what's causing my problems?

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