Powerbook will not turn on from ps...



I just had a big problem with my Powerbook Ti 400. I was watching a movie and the power on the book just shutoff. I went to see what the deal was and nothing. It would start from the battery but not from the power supply. I bought a new power supply. Nothing. Took it to the Apple Store they couldn't use the power supply but it would still start off a charged battery. So, I guess it needs to go into the shop. I am sure this is going to cost me a pretty penny. A few questions:
Anyone have similar problems?
Is there a battery charger I can buy for this type of battery?
Which one would you use MacRes or through Apple or any other online place? I live Las Vegas, NV. There are only to Mac shops here in town one place was not nice on the phone and the other is having family trouble.
No warranty.

Thank you.

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