powerbook pismo not sleeping

Oct 25, 2005
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Macbook Pro 2.16, 2gig ram, 120 gig-----Powerbook G3 Pismo 500, 1gig ram, 80 gig HD, DVD/CD-RW
howdy all and thanks for reading. I have an old 500mhz Pismo and randomly when i close the lid, every now and then it decides not to sleep. I open uo the lid and i can faintly see the OSX error screen telling me to restart. What could be a cause for this to happen? Does it sound like a part going bad? It also "suddenly quits" adobe programs aswell. I used tech tool pro and it claims all my parts are working correct so im in a hole as to what to do. I dont understand the log to reading the erros. If anyone has some ideas or anything pleaseeeee let me know! thanks!

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