Powerbook g4 Vs. Ibook g4 (Speed)



Joeytpg said:
is there a big difference in speed between the ibook and the powerbook?....

Yes. Well that is if you are looking for speed. Now for basic home use (email, web, word processor.....) its not too different, but comparing the two both with 1 GHz processors....

Ibook Powerbook
Level 2 Cache 256k 512k
Memory 266MHz 333MHz
Graphics 32mb video ram 64mb video ram
Hard Drive Ultra ATA Ultra ATA/100

There are a few others. It may not sound like much, but those little differences cen make a huge difference on processor intensive appplications.....

Good luck. I just went through the same debate withmyself a week ago and I am very happy with my powerbook choice.

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