powerbook & g4 upgrade card trouble


jean poole

if anyone can help with this
please email me >>

thanks from australia~!

major probs with a g3 laptop / g4 upgrade card and OSX -
trying to fix the machine for my friend...
- any advice or useful links appreciated :)

wondering if anyone else has experience with osx on upgrade cards, esp with lappies?
and whether panther works better,
or whether im better off trying to remove osx and just run os9 on this machine?

the story goes a little like this -

the machine was a g3 /333 pre-firewire powerbook ( with firewire card added )
running os 9.2 on a 4gb HD ( 2 partitions, 1.5 & 3gb-ish )
& 512 mb ram ( both ram slots worked with 256 each, despite apple's claims otherwise)

worked well for a long time, until it kept having crashing problems and sleep / restart trouble
eventually crippling the machine...

was advised that a processor needed replacing and a processor upgrade card would be the same price...
so bought the card.... ( powerlogix - info & links below )

installed osx on the 3gb partition, os 9 on the smaller

after the g4 upgrade card was installed
had to drop back to 384 mb ram, as the 2nd 256 mb of ram no longer seemed to work

this worked ok but slow for a while, until it started to really crawl
and eventually start giving 'must shut down' messsages in os x
and crashing in os 9
meaning the lappy at the moment
isn't really functional at all...
usually lasting only 5 minutes or so ....

starting up - crashes during start up in os9.2 whether extensions turned off or not
doesnt start up in os x on start-up when u press X or option when starting up
stage it usually gets to b4 crashing - is big smiley face and mac os9.2 window and 3cm along the start up scroll-bar

am getting my hands on disk warrior soon to try - but given that the computer rarely stays on for 5 minutes...
am doubtful about whether it'll even manage to stay alive past the cd loading in the slow cd reader that came with the g3/333

any ideas / recommendations for stabilising / optimising the machine?

would a bigger internal HD help osx ?

ciao from australia :)



The PowerLogix Blue Chip G4 500 LS
(for the Lombard/"Bronze" g3 / 333 )
features a 500 MHz PowerPC 7410 (G4) processor with 1 MB of backside cache on a 250 MHz backside bus. The Blue Chip G4 500 LS is installed in the daughtercard slot in the "Lombard" or "Bronze" PowerBook G3 models (G3/333 and G3/400), replacing the original daughtercard.

homepage for the upgrade card
and way over my head - the tech specs of the processor upgrade card >>

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