powerbook G4 crashed..please help!!



I had a small mishap with my powerbook yesterday. I was working in Photoshop and listening to some tunes in itunes when suddenly my pb completely stopped. The tunes started to sound like a broken record, and the mouse froze up as well as the screen. I tried to do a force quit but nothing would work. I then decided just to close the pb then reopen it. At this time the screen was just blank. I pressed the on/off button and nothing happened. The only sign that I had that it had any life was when I pressed the caps lock button and the green light appeared. At the time of the incident I was using a battery. I tried to reset the PMU but that did not do the trick. I called applecare up this morning and since my warranty just ran out they were unable to assist me. Can anybody offer me an insight to my problem. The guy applecare told me to take it to the nearest apple store and have them take a look at it. I would really like to know what the Mac community thinks it is. Please help me out!
Jul 22, 2003
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Hamilton College
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20" iMac C2D 2.16ghz, 13" MacBook 2.0ghz, 60gb iPod vid, 1gb nano
i would try removing the battery...plugging into an outlet and try turning it on off of straight ac power. if you can get into osx try running disk utility and repairing all of your permissions

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