Powerbook G3



Hi, i've recently brought a powerbook G3 (secondhand). Can someone tell me how i can find out the spec. of the machine i.e what processor it has, how much ram & harddrive size? I'm also interested in formatting it because the previous owner left lots of junk on it, i have the mac OS cd but can't get it to run....

Any suggestions on the above would be greatly appreciated. & please be in mind that i'm a PC user who has just brought this mac to learn how to use them.



Alright. Go to the apple menu, and select "about this mac." That should give you speed and RAM. To start from the OS install CD, insert it, restart, and hold down the "C" key on the keyboard as it powers on and boots. To format the drive, open the disk utility (or disk copy, or whatever is there) from a utility folder on that CD. Formatting on the Mac is called "initializing." So, initialize the disc with whatever format sounds cool to you, and then run the installer on the CD. Remove the CD and restart when you're done. Enjoy!

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