PowerBook G3 and installing a Linux Distro

May 27, 2007
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Hey all,

I am new to these forums. First off, I'd like to say that yes, I am a hardcore PC guru, but I got some PowerBook G3's and some older laptops at a school auction and I'd LOVE to learn more about Mac's for personal reason and possibly for work reasons. So I hope you will give me a chance. Personally I have no bias. I'm the same way with Intel/AMD and ATI/Nvidia.

Anyway, The PB G3's are in good condition. I have two G3's and only one floppy/battery/CD-ROM drive/power adapter for both. Both have around 2GB HD's.
Both laptop HDs have been wiped clean with a data destruction program. Therefore, MacOS is not installed and I don't have a MacOS CD for the systems. I have been researching how to install a distro of Linux on to the G3's. All the guides I see say to press and hold C while the system powers on after hearing the Apple sound. I have the Linux CD in the CD drive and I hear the drive spin up but never see it read. I have tried this on both, but the only thing I can get is a flashing question mark in a floppy disk. I have tried Ubuntu 7.04 and Yellow Dog Linux 5.01, both for PowerPC arch.

Can anyone give me any assistance?

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