powerbook 5,6 hardware problems

Feb 13, 2010
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hey everybody, i am looking for some guidance with the problem I am having with my powerbook.

I just installed a new 300 gig hard drive in my powerbook and upgraded to lepoard this week. My 2 gigs of ram was always read since I took out the 512 chip and threw in 2 1 gig sticks when i was running tiger on my 80gb drive that came with the machine. And after installing leopard everything was running super smoothly.

Last night I left my computer in my car for like an hour or hour and a half in like 30 degree weather. When I returned to my house the machine was off.

When i tried to start it up I would just get the chime but nothing would happen after that. I did the ol hold down the power button for 5 seconds.

After that it booted fine but only read 1 gig of memory, after I saw that I switched the 2 memory cards around (lower to upper, upper to lower). It then booted fine and read my 2 gigs of ram. About 5 minutes later i got the scary falling curtian screen saying that i must restart my computer by holding down the power button.

here is the report
Model: PowerBook5,6, BootROM 4.9.1f3, 1 processor, PowerPC G4 (1.2), 1.67 GHz, 2 GB
Graphics: kHW_ATIrv360M11Item, ATY,RV360M11, spdisplays_agp_device, 128 MB
Memory Module: SODIMM0/J25LOWER, 1 GB, DDR SDRAM, PC2700U-25330
Memory Module: SODIMM1/J25UPPER, 1 GB, DDR SDRAM, PC2700U-25330
AirPort: spairport_wireless_card_type_airport_extreme (0x14E4, 0x4E), Broadcom BCM43xx 1.0 (
Modem: Jump, V.92, Version 1.0
Bluetooth: Version 2.1.9f10, 2 service, 0 devices, 1 incoming serial ports
PCI Card: TXN,PCIXXXX-00, cardbus, PC Card
Parallel ATA Device: MATSHITADVD-R UJ-845E
Parallel ATA Device: WDC WD3200BEVE-00A0HT0, 298.09 GB
USB Device: Bluetooth USB Host Controller, (null) mA
USB Device: Apple Internal Keyboard/Trackpad, (null) mA

Interval Since Last Panic Report: 32314 sec
Panics Since Last Report: 1
Anonymous UUID: 1A8CF98B-471F-4C5C-9E33-52A9923D25D7

Wed Dec 31 16:00:37 1969

Unresolved kernel trap(cpu 0): 0x300 - Data access DAR=0x0000000000000004 PC=0x0000000000084C08
Latest crash info for cpu 0:
Exception state (sv=0x442e2500)
PC=0x00084C08; MSR=0x00009030; DAR=0x00000004; DSISR=0x42000000; LR=0x00084BCC; R1=0x442BF5A0; XCP=0x0000000C (0x300 - Data access)
0x033EDE00 0x00078B24 0x0007916C 0x0007A1C4 0x0006C290 0x0006D2A4
0x0029CF3C 0x003100AC 0x000B4448 0x00000000
Proceeding back via exception chain:
Exception state (sv=0x442e2500)
previously dumped as "Latest" state. skipping...
Exception state (sv=0x4c9f8c80)
PC=0x90AA1784; MSR=0x0200F030; DAR=0x041BF000; DSISR=0x42000000; LR=0x90AA34B0; R1=0xBFFF68B0; XCP=0x00000030 (0xC00 - System call)

BSD process name corresponding to current thread: WindowServer

Mac OS version:

Kernel version:
Darwin Kernel Version 9.8.0: Wed Jul 15 16:57:01 PDT 2009; root:xnu-1228.15.4~1/RELEASE_PPC
System model name: PowerBook5,6

System uptime in nanoseconds: 594323120031
unloaded kexts:
com.apple.driver.Apple02DBDMAAudio 2.5.8f1 - last unloaded 1906820508
loaded kexts:
com.apple.filesystems.autofs 2.0.2 - last loaded 651377898
com.apple.driver.AppleTAS3004Audio 2.5.8f1
com.apple.iokit.IOBluetoothSerialManager 2.1.9f10
com.apple.driver.AudioIPCDriver 1.0.6
com.apple.driver.InternalModemSupport 2.4.0
com.apple.driver.MotorolaSM56K 1.3.9
com.apple.driver.PBG4_ThermalProfile 3.4.0d0
com.apple.driver.IOI2CLM7x 1.9d0
com.apple.iokit.IOFireWireIP 1.7.7
com.apple.ATIRadeon9700 5.4.8
com.apple.driver.AppleSCCSerial 1.3.2
com.apple.driver.AppleHWClock 1.5.2d0
com.apple.driver.AppleHWSensor 1.9d0
com.apple.driver.AppleSMUMonitor 1.9d0
com.apple.driver.IOI2CADT746x 1.0.10f1
com.apple.AppleOnboardDisplay 1.15.1
com.apple.kext.IOI2CDeviceLMU 1.4.5d1
com.apple.driver.AppleTexasAudio 2.5.8f1
com.apple.driver.AppleTexas2Audio 2.5.8f1
com.apple.driver.AppleDACAAudio 2.5.8f1
com.apple.driver.AppleK2Driver 1.7.2f1
com.apple.driver.AppleI2S 1.0.1f1
com.apple.driver.CSRUSBBluetoothHCIController 2.1.9f10
com.apple.driver.AppleUSBMergeNub 3.5.2
com.apple.driver.AppleUSBTrackpad 1.7.4f1
com.apple.driver.AppleUSBTCKeyEventDriver 1.7.4f1
com.apple.driver.AppleUSBTCKeyboard 1.7.4f1
com.apple.driver.CSRHIDTransitionDriver 2.1.9f10
com.apple.driver.AppleFileSystemDriver 1.1.0
com.apple.iokit.IOSCSIMultimediaCommandsDevice 2.1.1
com.apple.iokit.SCSITaskUserClient 2.1.1
com.apple.driver.XsanFilter 2.7.91
com.apple.iokit.IOATAPIProtocolTransport 1.5.3
com.apple.iokit.IOATABlockStorage 2.0.6
com.apple.driver.AppleUSBHub 3.4.9
com.apple.iokit.IOUSBUserClient 3.5.2
com.apple.driver.ApplePMU 2.5.6d2
com.apple.driver.AppleGPIO 1.3.0d0
com.apple.iokit.AppleMediaBay 1.0.2f1
com.apple.driver.KeyLargoATA 1.1.1f1
com.apple.driver.AppleVIA 1.5.1d1
com.apple.driver.MacIOGPIO 1.3.0d0
com.apple.driver.AppleMPIC 1.5.3
com.apple.driver.IOI2CMotionSensor 2.1.1d2
com.apple.driver.AppleI2C 4.0.0d2
com.apple.driver.IOI2CControllerPPC 1.1.1d2
com.apple.iokit.AppleGMACEthernet 1.5.9f1
com.apple.driver.AppleFWOHCI 3.9.7
com.apple.driver.AppleKauaiATA 1.2.1f4
com.apple.driver.AppleUSBEHCI 3.4.6
com.apple.driver.AppleUSBOHCI 3.4.6
com.apple.iokit.IOPCCardFamily 1.6.4
com.apple.driver.AirPortBrcm43xx 366.91.21
com.apple.driver.AppleKeyLargo 1.7.2f1
com.apple.driver.AppleMacRiscPCI 3.4.0
com.apple.driver.AppleCore99NVRAM 1.1.1

It would however boot into the 2 gigs in my subsequent tries but it was very unstable. I got a cryptic frozen greyish box in my display in front of the windows that I was currently using.

after this i did the hold down the power button for 5 seconds and it again booted into the 1 gig of ram and thats what i am running my machine off of now.

The system is still acting weird because i have like 280 gigs of free space and the finder will not let me make a copy it says there is insufficient disk space.

I apologize if this is too long and convoluted, i just love this laptop and want it to be running well. Any input would be greatly appreciated
Feb 13, 2010
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after resetting the clock I am able to use the harddrive to make finder copies and access data. 1 down ...
Mar 28, 2008
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Your Mac's Specs
Mac Mini Core 2 Duo 1.83 ghz
You had a kernel panic. Usually they are caused by faulty ram modules.

Try downloading "Rember" which will test and repair your RAM. According to download.com - "Defective memory can cause computers to malfunction, crash, and behave in a variety of ways which can sometimes baffle end users and computer technicians alike." You can get Rember here

A few years ago I had the same problem with an old iMac G4 700 mhz that i had, and using Rember fixed my kernel panic issues.

I hope I was of help,


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