powerbook 12' crashes



I have had my powerbook for about 6 months now, and it has crashed pretty consistently since I purchased it. I started off running a pre-installed Jaguar, and did a clean install of Panther once it came out. It crashed consistently both before and after the Panther update.

Oddly enough, after applying the 10.3.2 update the crashes seemed to stop almost completely. I have had a nicely working powerbook for a month. I installed the latest security update (2004-01-26), and it crashed halfway through riping a CD to MP3 using iTunes. It has not locked up again since, but I fear I am back to crashville.

I tried going to AppleCare route, and got nowhere fast. I did everything that was recommended, but it still locked up regularly. The lockups usually seemed to coincide with large mailbox transactions and MP3 converting, but also happened when only Safari or an Office app were running. I know that most folks would say that I should have sent the **** thing back already and let the hardware folks deal with it, but alas I never went that route. If the lockups seem to be more frequent again after this latest update I will probably take it to the Apple store and throw myself at their mercy.

So what's the point of posting here? I'm not sure...I guess I am hoping that there are other people out there that have dealt with this kind of issue before, and could offer some advice. Given the nature of the crash (screen/mouse just freeze, and I can only regain control of the machine by rebooting) it would seem this is some kind of hardware problem. However, if that is the case then why did an OS update seemingly resolve my issues for such a long time, and why conversely did another software update seem to bring them back?

I'm at a loss...I spend my days surrounded by mostly windows and linux users who can't for the life of them understand why I chose to run OS X. For the most part I really like the powerbook and the OS, but given constant lockups, overheating issues, and general usability complaints make it very hard to justify my investment.

If anyone out there had any comments or advice for me I would love to hear it.



ok, 3 more lockups in the past few hours. I am definately back to square one with my lockup issue. Is there any way to rollback an update?

"There is no joy in macville"

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