power supply/hard drive question



A retailer has a 160GB hard drive on sale for $99 after rebates. I already have three hard drives, but would like to add another for video since the price is so low right now. My question is:

Is the power supply in the Powermac G4(Gigabit Ethernet/Dual 450mhz) sufficient to power more than three hard drives?

I don't know whether any of my upgrades need to be taken into consideration for power consumption, but here is a list anyway:

Powerlogix Dual 1ghz processor card
2 additional hard drives(3 drives total)
8500 Radeon Mac Edition graphics card
M-Audio Revolution sound card
Sonnet Tech Tempo Trio PCI card
1GB RAM (4x256mb modules)

The machine runs fine now, but would a forth drive be too much for the power supply?


check how many amperes (amps) your power supply has and fill it up to 2-4 amps below the limit.

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