Possible bugfix - MacBook wireless dropping connection, usually after sleeping

Aug 19, 2008
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So I got a MacBook this week and have been having problems with my wireless internet randomly dropping, usually after the laptop has been sleeping. I google'd this and saw many suggestions none of which really seemed to work.

Changing from WEP to WPA seemed to help a bit but, it didn't totally clear the problem at all.

The only solution that seems to have worked so far (touch wood!) is deleting a config file. It is located in Library>> Preferences and is called "com.apple.airport.airportutility.plist" delete this then restart the macbook. So far the problem hasn't reappeared yet - i'll let you know if it does.

How do I know that I don't just have faulty hardware? I use bootcamp and Windows Vista seems to never drop the connection?

Any questions or comments? Please don't hesitate.

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