Possible 2012 13" hardware issue?

Nov 10, 2014
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I have a Mid-2012 13" MBP (non-retina) with the i7, 8gb, 750gb hdd. It has had its battery replaced (under warranty through apple) along with it's memory replaced (under warranty through apple) and it's logic board replaced (twice under warranty through apple).

Now it runs fine, but I want to double check that these two other minor annoyances are not hardware problems.

It's on the latest version of Yosemite, and when I open my lid after it being closed for a while it comes up with a login, I enter in my password and it fills up the little white blocks towards the bottom and then pulls up my normal login screen. But here it usually won't let me enter a password or move my mouse, it just sits there and eventually goes to a black screen where I have to hit the spacebar again and it comes up and lets me enter my password. Not sure if this is normal but I wanted to double check.

The one other odd issue is on specific colors, I can see slight flickering in certain parts of my screen. The best way to show this is the video I took. Not sure if this is something Apple will replace or not, but it's kind of concerning.

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Thanks for any help, it's greatly appreciated!
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The first problem you reported about the machine not showing your login when waking from sleep is not normal. I couldn't see any screen flickering in your video, it's possible that it's not showing up because of poor video resolution. In any event, I would take the machine back to Apple and let them look at it. After all the problems you've had, I think I would be asking for a new machine.

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