Poor Display of UbuntuVM on Mac Air Book

Jan 23, 2010
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MacBook Air / 1.86GHz / 2 GB / Version 10.6.2
I installed virtual box, Ubuntu 9.04, and Guest Additions according to this thread:


I have a consistent problem which is, the display of the Virtual OS is not even spread throughout my screen.

Attached are two screenshots:

01 - Configuration_of_Ubuntu_VM_on_Mac

Notice how there are scroll-bars surround the Virtual OS. This never happened before. Please notice how the CD image for guest extensions is prominently displayed on the desktop, even though I have ejected the drive before restarting the virtual machine, and even virtual box and even the MAC Air itself!

Also notice how the icon for "anonymous" is not all the way in the right, but instead is off-center.

I have been wracking my brain all afternoon - please tell me how to fix this.

01 - Configuration_of_Ubuntu_VM_on_Mac.png

02 - Appearance_of_UbuntuVM_on_Mac.png

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