Plug and Play?



My Intro:
I can somewhat get around a macintosh, but I am a PC user using Red Hat Linux.

My Problem:
I need to copy data onto a CD so that it can be read on a Macintosh. Honestly, I have no idea what version of Macintosh it will be read on, it may be OS X or it may be OS 9.

I have an ibook next to me running OS X (not Jaguar) and I plugged an HP DVD/CD writer into it via USB. I didn't get a "Found new Hardware Wizard" which I am told I will not get. So I simply went ahead and put a CD into this external DVD/CD writer.

The next thing that happens is that I get a window which says

Burn Image
Could not find any suitable drives to burn discs.

Underneath that window there was another one which says something about Disk Copy, but it closes right away and CD is ejected.

I then tried putting it into the built in drive, but it also gets spit out right away.

Once this is all figured out, how will I be able to burn a CD?

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