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Playing DVD movies through the television?



Hi everyone!

OK, this may be the most stupid question ever entered on here, so apologies in advance . . .

BUT . . .

I have a G4 Powerbook, and want to play DVDs through my TV. The PowerBook came with some kind of white dongle adaptor thing for this very purpose. One end is a firewire connector, but I don't *think* the other end is meant to go directly into the TV. For a start, it doesn't match up to any of the ports on my TV, and besides it is no where near long enough.

Does anyone know what additional cable I need to get, in order to complete the hook-up??


And okay, the end that I called Firewire may not actually be firewire, i can see that now. But it sort of looks like Firewire. And the other end has two rows of eight tiny holes. Also, I am in the UK, so although I don't have any S-video ports on my TV, I do have a spare SCART slot.

So, maybe I can buy something to plug into the SCART port at one end, and then plug the other end into this dongle thing that I have . . . but I will need to know what the dongle thing is so I know what kind of adaptor to get??

Any ideas?
Jun 11, 2003
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I think the one that I have is an S-Video to female video port. So what you need is a double male video wire and that should do it. Now if you have something else.. then Im not sure what to tell you.


Try an adapter....

I think you might need something like this , an adapter to give you input via the S-Video Cable to the Scart socket.

My PB came with a S-video to phono lead: phono to scart leads are very common!

The S-video to scart would be a better quality solution though.

Cheaper variations on the above adapter are available for as little as £1.00


Hi, Sorry, me again . . .

Okay, I got the little dongle that I needed, and my Powerbook is all hooked up to my TV, and the DVD is showing on my PowerBook screen, but I am not sure how to 'tell' the PowerBook to display the picture on the TV screen?

Anyone know?

Should it be happening automatically?

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