PISMO G4 1gb good OSX performer???



Hi guys

I've never owned a mac but have used OS X some and love it. My question is whether a PISMO G4 would be good laptop purchase. Here are the system specs.

PISMO 500mhz G4 w/ Airport =~$500-600. (I'd also upgrade the RAM to 1gb and grab a 5400rpm HD, so total of $700-800). Unit also comes with a combo drive, a fresh install of panther, and a fresh install of office X

What I need the machine for really is mobile word processing, internet browsing, and email, often in classes, so battery performance is also an issue (but not make or break). I DO intend to use OS X and any subsequent versions of OS X (and OS XI, if that's what it would be called).

I really like the Pismo, but I'm concerned the paltry video chipset and RAM size of the PISMO will make OSX (and any subsequent versions), or watching DVD's or DivX movies seem sluggish. I have a very powerful AMD desktop with a GeforceFX 5950 Ultra graphics card with 128mb of VRAM, so I'm used to very sharp responsiveness from the WinXP and programs. Is the Pismo a good choice given what I am accoustomed to, or should I opt for the mid range powerbook or new ibook (or something else)??

Also, what would you say the shelf life of a 500mhz G4 (1mb L2 chache) 1gb RAM, 5400rpm HD PISMO would be for OS X and future versions? Thanks for any help.



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