Photoshop CS4 nightmare


Mar 1, 2010
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Hi, sorry to ask such a lame question but I am really scratching my head here. I have used photoshop for over 10 years on PC and for the last 2 years on mac and have never came across this problem....

the magic wand no longer seems to be working properly.. I have a black and white logo with a white background which I want to make transparent. Easy, magic wand, select the white, delete. Ok, that works, now to select the white background sections remaining inside letters etc. I try to click on them and it just selects everything else!!! I can't get it to select the white pixels directly under the cursor!

I have tried changing all the tool settings and even resetting the tool but nothing works.

Has anyone ever had this problem before?! I'm running CS4 on a Mac Pro Quad Core.


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