Photo library/Unbound app problems

Oct 18, 2014
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When I updated to Mavericks iPhoto didn't work. I deleted it and got Picasa instead. Unfortunately I never agreed with Picasa, so I got Unbound. Picasa was promptly deleted.
The problem is, now I can't access my iPhoto library ('there is not application to open the document iPhoto library'). And Unbound doesn't recognise the library either.
So now I can't see any of my photos.

What should I do?
I tried to download Picasa again, but it wont open for some reason. I click it, nothing happens, I right click on the app in the dock and it says 'the app is not responding' or something similar.

I want to use Unbound.

-new member jaguartooth


This whole situation occurred because you couldn't spend a few minutes troubleshooting iPhoto. The logical suggestion would thus be to download (you may have to buy it now since you foolishly deleted it) iPhoto and import your old library.

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