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Feb 15, 2010
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Does anyone know of a way to import photos onto a Mac and have the pictures automatically placed into folders based upon the date the picture was taken?

I have found an option in autoimporter that will create a folder based upon the date imported, but not date taken.

Im on Snow Leopard.

Thanks in advance!


Drag and drop will work for DIGITAL images (ie ones taken with a digital camera, which preserves that sort of information.

Literally, open iPhoto, and drag in a folder full of pictures. This creates an "event" based on the day the pics were taken. If they were taken on multiple days, or many hours apart, multiple events will be created.

If we're talking about SCANNED photos, obviously they don't have their date embedded in them the way digital ones do. You can easily modify the date after they are imported into iPhoto to the "correct" one and they will refile themselves in the Events view (and the Photos view if you have that set for chronological sort) to the proper place.


DO NOT attempt to refile/resort photos inside the iPhoto library by using the Finder. ALWAYS do this *within the program only.* It is carefully set up this way and will react unpredictably if you attempt to manage the folders inside the iPhoto Library by hand.

If you would prefer a program that allows you to manage photos in the ways you describe but outside of iPhoto's library system, see my sig.

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